Creative at Heart Conference | Round 10 | Why you should attend the Creative at Heart Conference

Creative at Heart Conference Round 10 was everything I could have dreamed of and more. Besides the incredible keynote speakers, simply just being in a venue surrounded by other creatives in the photography industry (and even not photography) set my soul on fire. The whole room was filled with driven and passionate creatives looking for encouragement to take their businesses to the next level. The whole week was so exciting and I left with a full heart, a brain bursting with new ideas, and new lasting friendships. It was such a great reminder that even though we see and follow these people online, we’re all right there in the same boat riding this small business owner life.

The Creative at Heart conference was designed to “give practical, tangible education, paired with heartfelt hand-me-the-tissues moments. They believe that big dreams can happen… and with a little help from us they can happen sooner than you ever thought possible! They strive to encourage & equip you to create profit out of passion, and turn your “shoulda coulda wouldas” into “done did delivered”!” (Creative at Heart) AKA SIGN. ME. UP!

This year’s keynote speakers included Amy & Jordan, Katelyn James, Abby Grace, Laylee Emadi, Ashley Joy, Kay Hillman, Rebecca Rice, Ariel & Jodie, Colleen Blake-Miller, and the queen of the conference herself, Kat Schmoyer. Not to mention some of the amazing breakout sessions that were full of practical ways to be scaling and elevating our businesses. We walked through topics such as Making Money in our Sleep, Strategic and Realistic Content Planning, Living Financially Free, Automating Like a Boss, Charging Your Worth, and Mastering Your Unique Rhythm… just to name the few I got to attend in person.

However, one of my favorite parts of the conference was being able to meet and connect with my “Instagram friends” in real life!! From the educators I have looked up to for the past 4 years, to new friends I have never met before. The atmosphere in the room is that of openness and excitement to connect with others and make genuine friendships with one another. I immediately connected with two gals who I have followed on the gram for so long, Dakota Hersey and Rachael Leigh. Both photographers from two different states but value the same things in our businesses. I just already know we’re going to be business besties for a long time. 😉 That’s them right below!

I am just so excited, y’all. I’m taking this post-conference high and hitting the ground running with some new ideas and projects to get started on. Just you wait. It’s going to be good. If you have ever thought about investing and attending Creative at Heart, or any conference for your business, do it! You will never regret investing time and money into your business to move the needle forward. The information and encouragement you receive from the educators is absolutely incredible and worth the whole trip, but the relationships you make in this community that help you feel seen and heard and understood and loved, now that’s something you receive that you can’t put a price on. If you’ve been feeling tired, stumped, alone, and solely working in your business and not on your business, Creative at Heart is for you and I hope you take that leap to invest in yourself. It’s exactly how I felt coming in to the conference, and left with confidence, motivation, community, and a full heart, a creative heart at that. 😉

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little recap of my week at the Creative at Heart Conference. And here’s a few more photos cause you know, I am a photographer! Enjoy!

Photography: Kelsey Marie Photography

Conference: Creative at Heart

Director: Kat Schmoyer

Venue: Winmock at Kinderton

Florals: Valley Garden Co.

Rentals: Paisley &Jade

Personalized Tumblers: To a T

Stationary:  Stationary HQ




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Creative at Heart Recap- Why you should attend!

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