Designing the Perfect Branding Session for Your Small Business

Have you ever wondered what the process is to designing the perfect branding session for your small business is? One that speaks to your ideal clients, builds relationships with them, and visually represents your brand’s identity and aesthetics. Well, today I’m sharing the 5 steps I use for when designing these strategic sessions to help grow your small business!

Factor in your brand identity!

So, what is your brand identity? Hopefully you have worked with a brand designer for your logo and website, etc. and already know what this is, but have no fear if not! Your brand identity is your logo, brand colors, tone of voice, personality, visuals, and values. Essentially, if your brand was a person, this is who they would be. The first step in designing a branding session, is knowing these key factors to determine how the shoot will look and feel to match your brand’s identity; to bring those aspects to life in a visual way.

Determine your ideal client!

The next step to a successful branding shoot is determining who you are speaking to. Your ideal client is that person that you dream of working with! They share a similar style, have a passion for the same values as you, and dream of working with you too. What kinds of things do they like? What colors are the attracted to? Do they lean towards serious and sophisticated brands, or do they love a fun and easy going brand? Determining these factors will set the foundations for your branding session so we can hone in on who we are working for.

Create a mood board for the session!

One of my favorite steps in designing a branding session is creating a mood board! I always create these on Pinterest (you can find mine here!). It’s the perfect way to see all the different visuals that inspire your brand. Things to include on the board: outfits, home decor, textures, jewelry, travel destinations, stores, and even things like different branding poses you love from other small businesses. This is a great resource to look back through when customizing your own session.

Deciding what to bring!

One of the key aspects in your branding session are the “props” involved with your shoot. These props can be your laptop, cell phone, coffee, iPad, candles, plants, your products, etc. Do you work primarily at a desk with your laptop? Let’s make sure those two things are involved. Are you selling a physical product to your clients? Bring along as much of a variety as you can for those items and we’ll get detail shots, product shots, interactive shots of all the things.

It’s also SUPER important to curate a wardrobe that matches your brands’ aesthetics. If your brand is girlie and playful, think about what outfits match that vibe. Stick within your branding colors and neutrals. Don’t stray away from step #1. That’s most important thing when it comes to thinking about what props to include.

BE YOU! (but within your brand identity 😉 )

The last step to designing the perfect branding session for your small business is to remember to BE YOU. Nothing speaks louder to your audience than authenticity. Showing up and being yourself will attract all the right clients, and build strong, trustworthy relationships with them. Making sure your clients TRUST you, will sell more than any ad ever will. So stepping out, showing up, and being you will be your biggest game changer.

And now you’re ready to rock and roll! Let’s starting planning YOUR branding session. You can check out more of my branding session info over on my branding page, right here! Happy planning, friends!




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