Shenandoah Proposal | Cole Mountain | Peyton + Taylor

“Taylor Elizabeth, it took me forever to be intentional about dating you, but I’m not messing this one up. I love you, you’re my best friend. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So I wanna know, will you marry me?”

I’ve known Peyton and Taylor for a few years now, so when Peyton reached out about me capturing the proposal, I was literally screaming with excitement! We decided to plan it as a “styled shoot”, so when I asked Taylor if they would like to model for me, she freaked out saying how much she had been wanting to have pictures done, but knew Peyton wouldn’t be quite as thrilled. Little did she know he behind the whole thing and pulled off the biggest surprise of her life!

Their love story:

“We met during Peyton’s second summer interning with the student ministry. I had just graduated high school and Peyton was going into his senior year at Virginia Tech. While there was no romantic interest at the time (I was actually dating someone else lol) we became very good friends and kept in touch while we were both attending different colleges. Over the next year and a half we got extremely close, had our ups and downs as friends, and even talked about dating a few times but it never seemed to be the right time. Despite our ups and downs we always remained close friends. We both always knew there was something special about our friendship. For our first official date, we had decided to go to a baseball game in Atlanta, Ga to watch the Nationals beat the Braves 14-4.  Peyton and I are both HUGE baseball fans. I am a Washington Nationals fan and he is an Atlanta Braves fan, so it was a great day because I had all the bragging rights after the Nats won 😉 not to mention winning the World Series later that same season!”

Taylor: “One of my favorite things about Peyton is his love for people and His family. Peyton truly desires for everyone he meets to experience the love of Christ and he regularly goes out of his way to form relationships with people. Honestly, I’m pretty sure some of the staff at his local Starbucks will be getting an invite to the wedding haha. I’ve always loved how Peyton goes above and beyond to show people he loves them and values their friendship. This is something that has also been very present in our relationship and the way he treats me. His heart is so big and I’m very lucky to have a place in it.”

Peyton: “My favorite thing about Tay is the love she has for the people she cares about. She goes above and beyond to make people feel wanted and loved through gifts to show them she cares or was thinking about them to words of affirmation she freely shares to lift up their spirits. She shows this same love in the way she ministers to the middle school group of girls she leads and in the way she serves others and the Lord.”

I think these photos speak of their love and personalities, so grab some tissues! Congratulations guys! xoxo




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