Chatham Manor | Historic Fredericksburg, VA | Couples Session | Andy + Ann Marie

I love when couples or families stick with a photographer (aka me) for continuous years. It makes it so special to see the growth in the couple or family, and even the growth of the photographer. This time last year I was fortunate enough to capture some photos for Ann Marie and Andy and their adorable new little pup, Georgia.

This year however, Georgia wasn’t so little anymore. Still adorable and full of puppy lovin’ goodness, but about double the love and size. When it comes to taking photos with dogs, the key is to never let go of the shutter button, and to always have a treat or toy ready right in front of them. But of course all of the silly tongue hanging out, dog squirming photos are golden images as well. 

I just love these this little fam, and can’t wait to continue to watch them grow. Love y’all!

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