Best of Grads 2021 | James Madison University

I love love love spring time! Want to know why? Because over here at KMP, spring time means senior season!! However, this year I focused my spring senior season on my college graduates. I actually graduated myself from JMU, so I wanted to spend my time here in Harrisonburg as long as I could to soak up the memories. So with that, I opened up all of my bookings for JMU graduates and I couldn’t have loved it more! I truly believe that investing in grad portraits is so important. It documents the celebration of what you have lived your entire life thus far working towards. I mean, think about it. Kindergarten to middle school is focused on the basics, then you get to high school and you are drilled with keeping up your grades and figuring out where and what you want to do in college. Then, you get college, you’re doing the thing, and four years later you are walking across the stage accepting that diploma you have worked so so hard for. So, can’t tell me thats not worth celebrating!

With that being said, I welcomed in over 60+ graduates from James Madison University this year and I am so excited to share with you the “Best of Grads 2021” post! There’s just so many to choose from and had the hardest time deciding, but here we go! I’m so excited to spotlight each and everyone of these gorgeous grads! Congratulations girls! Y’all were all so incredible to work with and I cant wait to see where each and everyone of you go in the future.

Enjoy! and GO DUKES!

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