Sweet Proposal at JMU| Harrisonburg, VA | James Madison University Photographer | Matthew + Elizabeth

Tears. So many happy tears! This JMU alum couple said YES! to their forever, and it couldn’t have been more precious!

Matthew reached out to me on Instagram looking for a photographer to capture this incredibly special day he had been planning for so long. He had the whole day perfectly thought out with exact locations, timing, and even a surprise party with friends and family back at the hotel afterwards! We walked through the plan together and made some adjustments to make sure we were on the same page. Sent screenshots of the Quad with doodle drawings just to be safe too. Y’all, we were set!  We did have a bit of a rain scare and were worried about where on the JMU campus to capture the moment still in surprise, but the rain did us a favor and held off!

As they walked across the Quad, Matthew dropped to one knee as Elizabeth kept walking. He called her name and when she turned around she immediately dropped her bag and stood in shock as he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course she said, YES! She also had no idea who I was at first, but was so happy and surprised to find out I was there to capture their moment. So many laughs, tears, hugs, all the things! I was even crying behind the camera there was so much joy!!

Proposals are just so so special and one of my favorite things to capture. Matthew and Elizabeth, I wish you a lifetime of happiness friends! Enjoy! 


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