Bryce Canyon | Road Trip pt.2

Road tripping out West was quite the journey. It was full of great adventures outdoors, then sitting in a car for five hours, eating ice cream, and then repeat. Exploring and hiking (and all the ice cream) certainly beats all of the car riding.

After we left Zion National Park, we headed South to Bryce Canyon. At this park we actually got to stay inside the park for the night and were about 500 feet from the edge of the canyon. When we first got there, we hiked the rim of the canyon which was beautiful. Bryce is full of these rock formations called “Hoo-Doos” (lol what a name). They’re all bright orange and stick straight up in the air. I have never seen anything like them in my entire life. They’re so cool! On the shuttle ride back to the lodge, dad being dad made friends with another man and his kids sitting next to us. Turns out that the man went to the same elementary school that my mom taught at, and was there the same year she was! How crazy is that?! You never know what kind of cool connection you’ll make when you simply start with a “Hey, hows it going?” to a stranger. 

The next morning we started earlyyy once again on our hike down into the canyon. A much shorter hike this time, but none the less just as cool. The switch backs down into the canyon made you feel like you were in Egypt, or I don’t know haha some kind of dessert-y, middle Eastern area if that makes sense?!  Anyways, the ‘hoodoos’ are even more massive when you’re there up and close to them, and when you looked up you seriously felt so tiny compared to the size of it all. Once we rounded back up towards the top, there was a spot where you could look out at it all, and way out in the distance was a group of people riding some horses on an edge. It looked so magical and like a movie! It made you think, “Wow, God is so cool. How in the world could someone be so imaginative and creative to create such an incredible place?!” Let me tell you, there were lots of those moments actually….

I just wish pictures could capture the beauty and greatness of it all… but for now, I hope you can take it all in through some photos and then plan your visit there 😉


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